We can design your next successful event from the ground-up. Starting with conceptualizing an event’s theme, showmark, and advertising, to creating the look and feel of the staging environment along with video and PowerPoint content, our unified approach will ensure that your attendees will remember your meeting’s message.

Call on us before your next Sales Meeting, Gala, Awards Ceremony or tradeshow to guarantee your event is one your attendees will be talking about all year.

  • Show Theme and Showmark Creation
  • Stage Set & Environmental Design
  • Meeting & Event Video Openers
  • Video Mapping
  • Event and Directional Signage Design
  • PowerPoint and Presentation Design
  • Blended Screen Content


You might be asking yourself, “Environments? What do they mean by, “environments”?

Comparable to scenic design, environment design involves the art of crafting the look-and-feel of a staged area or set used for business or theatrical presentations, concerts, film, video and television productions, as well as trade shows and events.

At Henderson Creative, we take a unified approach to environment design. Meaning, we can not only create an event’s staging environment, but we can also conceptualize an event’s theme and produce integrated show content too.

So call on us before your next Sales Meeting or Gala to ensure it’s an event that your attendees will be talking about all year.